Settle In, Decay

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Settle In, Decay

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"Settle In, Decay is the best introduction to their multifaceted, emo-by-way-of-everything-that’s-not-emo sound." - The Alternative

"...grabs the innocence of millennial punk ears and doesn’t let go until we’ve all had the proper dose." - All Things Go

"To provide a brief, surface-level description, the band shifts between catchy, pop-punk-esque energy and very melancholic, atmospheric build-ups, which hint at some Sigur Ros influence. They kind of remind me TWIABP, if I was trying to compare them to another band, especially with the wide array of instrumentations (strings, keys) and vocal variety, in addition to the standard guitar-bass-drums."
- Sophie's Floorboard

Track Listing

  1. After the Heat of the Day
  2. Front Porch
  3. Vespers
  4. Sold!
  5. Birds
  6. Gravel Pit
  7. Dots
  8. Southern Live Oaks
  9. Censor
  10. Cassini

Pressing Information


384 Arctic Blue
163 Bayou Green